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About Creed Group

Established in 1996, Creed Group is a Japanese Real Estate investment Group with a primary focus in the Southeast and South Asia Real Estate market.

An aggregated Gross Development Value (GDV) of 3 billion US Dollars in South East Asia.

Business Expansions consisted of 10 countries: Japan, Singapore, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Myanmar.

We have more than 150+ employees in Asia Pacific region.

We are among one of the most dedicated leaders in assets management, financial services and residential real estate development.

We serve thousands of families have a permanent housing situation in many emerging markets in the Eastern hemisphere.

Our Leader

Toshihiko Muneyoshi
宗吉 敏彦


  • Mr. Muneyoshi established Creed Corporation (Creed) in 1996, with the aim of achieving sustained business expansion by creating new value at the intersection of finance and real estate.
  • When bulk sales of non-performing loans took off in Japan, Creed launched a due diligence business and acquired a strong reputation as a company offering these services to global investment funds and investment banks. Creed also began making principal investments in income properties.
  • In 1999, Creed launched a real estate solution business and fund business. Subsequently in 2009, with the commencement of corporate reorganization proceedings for Creed, Mr. Muneyoshi was appointed by the Court as Trustee, (a first for an incumbent CEO). Mr. Muneyoshi successfully completed the proceedings in 2011.
  • Prior to founding Creed, Mr. Muneyoshi was involved in Itochu Corporation’s construction and real estate business, working as a project manager. Mr. Muneyoshi earned a B.S. in Architectural Engineering from Waseda University (Japan).

Takashi Eguchi
江口 崇

Creed Cambodia CEO

  • Mr. Takashi Eguchi is responsible for whole business activities in Cambodia, including business development, deal execution and investment management in Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Lao PDR under Creed Group, which is a major shareholder of ORO Financecorp Plc.
  • Prior to joining Creed in 2004, Mr. Eguchi served as General Manager at Japan Finance Corporation, a governmental financial institution, where he was responsible for lending to SMEs, and, as a research specialist at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry where he was responsible for policy making for SMEs.
  • Mr. Eguchi earned a B.A. in Economics from the University of Tokyo (Japan).

Shuji Kato
加藤 周司

Construction Director

  • After graduating from the Faculty of Commerce at Chuo University, he joined UDS Co., Ltd. after working at a design office.
  • He joined Creed Corporation in 2015 after engaging in numerous real estate developments.
  • He was assigned to Cambodia in the same year and was in charge of construction management.
  • From 2019, he will also manage projects in Laos. He has been in his current position since 2015. He is a first-class architect.


Creed Cambodia works with a variety of partners to offer end-to-end development solutions; from market research to property management. These high-performing and well-informed teams have been pivotal to Creed’s success in the market – bringing together a wealth of local knowledge to Japanese management know-how. Creed Cambodia cares passionately about personal and team development and works tirelessly to enhance its teams’ capacity to keep Creed at the forefront of the region’s economic transformation.

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Construction Team

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Our History

Cool Timeline


Started investments in Thailand


Launched Borey Maha Boeng Trea


Started investments in Lao PDR and Indonesia.


Started investments in Vietnam.


Started investments in Myanmar and Bangladesh.


End of the Receivership process. First Southeast Asian venture in Malaysia and Cambodia.


Privatisation of Creed Group. Placement of Creed Corp. under Receivership.


Started investments in South Korea.


Launched a JPY15 billion office REIT IPO on TSE. Launched a JPY200 billion private fund for global institutional investors. First overseas venture in Germany. Reached a landmark of US$4 billion of AUM (Assets Under Management).


Up-listed to the First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE). Launched a JPY20 billion residential REIT IPO on TSE.

Our International Projects

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