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Creed in Cambodia: Meeting real local housing needs

Ever since our entry in 2012, Creed has built a strong presence in the small nation of Cambodia as a significant foreign developer that provides high-quality housing for local needs.

Identifying the Real Local Needs

As our first step, we conducted an intensive two-year investigation of the Cambodian housing market with our local strategic partner, Triple Gem Assets Limited.

Through our efforts in this research process, we were able to identify a significant dynamic in the population of Phnom Penh: there was an increasing growth in the middle-income sector of the economy, more so than in the high or low-income sectors.

Local families who were becoming wealthier needed better housing inside cities to live in: thus creating a vast demand for high-quality housing with an affordable price range.

Intending to meet these demands in the most successful way possible, we carefully structured our strategies.

And here is our strategies:

  1. We aim to create a high-quality “Japanese Standard” end product at handover.

  2. Our product design meets the ideals and needs of local Cambodian households with many family members.

  3. We provide developer loans and an affordable price range for our customer base.
  4. We strictly meet our construction deadlines: a clear differentiation from our competitors.

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