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Housing Loan is Available on Borey Maha Sen Sok

When you look for a house and choose a housing loan, the process seems so complicated and would make you feel unsure whether you are qualified.
From our research, many lenders offer loans with the conditions of
1. Up to 70% of the purchasing price
2. Interest Rate approx. 8%-10%
3. Payment period up to 15 years

Borey Maha Sensor provides kinds of housing loan options. One of which is RHB, which is one of the largest banks in Malaysia, and now has expanded to ten countries throughout Asia.
The loan conditions for Maha are;
1. Up to 70%
2. Interest Rate from 9% to 10% p.a.
3. Up to 15 years

If you are interested, our staff would be happy to help you out through the process!

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